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Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Upcoming Holidays: 1.5.2023 May Day | Buddha Purnima 5.5.2023 | Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore 9.5.2023 | State Day 16.5.2023 | Maharana Pratap Jayanti 22.5.2023

Chandigarh Government Public, School, Bank Holiday List

Chandigarh Govt Holiday List PDF

Chandigarh is a planned city and union territory in northern India, serving as the shared capital of Punjab and Haryana. It was designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier and his team, and most government buildings and housing were designed by them. It is internationally known for its architecture and urban design and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Chandigarh has grown greatly since its initial construction and has one of the highest per capita incomes in the country, with a combined population of over 1,611,770 in the “tri-city” area of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. It has one of the highest Human Development Index among Indian states and territories and was ranked the happiest city in India in 2015.

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Chandigarh Government Public Holidays

Chandigarh’s Government Public Holidays refer to the days which are recognized and celebrated by the government of Chandigarh, India as official holidays. These holidays include both religious and cultural events and are intended to provide citizens with a break from their daily routine and an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on their traditions. Some of these public holidays include Republic Day, Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas, and Gandhi Jayanti among others. During these special days, the city is decorated with lights and colorful decorations, and people can be seen gathering with their families and friends to celebrate the occasion.

School Holidays in Chandigarh

Chandigarh offers a great opportunity for families during school holidays to explore its attractions, including Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, and Rock Garden. The city’s food scene is also worth trying, with delicious Punjabi cuisine.

Bank Holidays in Chandigarh

All Bank Holidays in Chandigarh are pre-determined dates on which banks and various other financial institutions remain closed, allowing their employees to take a well-deserved break. These holidays include occasions such as Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas, and Republic Day, to name a few. During these Bank Holidays, the bustling city of Chandigarh becomes noticeably quieter as people take the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones or explore the city’s many attractions.

Central Govt Office Holidays in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Central Government Office Holidays refers to the list of official holidays observed by all government offices in the city of Chandigarh. These holidays are determined by the central government and include both national and regional holidays. The list typically includes major festivals such as Diwali, Holi, and Eid, as well as national holidays like Independence Day and Republic Day. These holidays are an important factor in the planning and scheduling of government operations and provide a much-needed break for employees to spend time with their families and loved ones.

Post Office Holidays in Chandigarh

The Chandigarh Post Office follows a specific schedule for their holidays, which is important to note when planning any postal needs. The holidays observed by the Chandigarh Post Office include national holidays such as Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti, as well as regional holidays like Baisakhi and Diwali. It’s important to keep in mind that the post office will be closed on these days, so any necessary postal services should be planned accordingly.

KVS Holidays, Summer Vacation Breaks in Chandigarh

KVS Holidays offers a range of summer vacation breaks in Chandigarh, a vibrant and bustling city located in the northern part of India. With its rich history and culture, Chandigarh offers a diverse array of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy during their stay, from exploring the famous Rock Garden to visiting the beautiful Sukhna Lake. KVS Holidays provides comfortable and affordable accommodation options, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in the local culture and experience all that Chandigarh has to offer.

Chandigarh Holiday Home List

Chandigarh, the modern and well-planned city in India, offers a plethora of holiday home options to choose from. From luxurious villas to cozy apartments, there is something for everyone. The list includes properties with breathtaking views of the city, as well as those situated in peaceful and serene surroundings. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a lavish stay, the Chandigarh holiday home list is sure to meet your needs and preferences.

Chandigarh Govt Holiday Latest Updates:

FAQ on Chandigarh Govt Holiday Holidays:

What are the public holidays in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh government observes public holidays such as Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti. Besides these national holidays, there are also festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Christmas, and Eid that are celebrated across the city.

What are the school holidays in Chandigarh?

Schools in Chandigarh usually have a summer break from mid-May to the end of June, while there is a winter break from December to early January. Additionally, schools may have holidays on occasions such as Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and other local festivals.

When are bank holidays in Chandigarh?

Banks and financial institutions in Chandigarh observe national holidays, such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, as well as festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Christmas. Additionally, there may be regional holidays depending on the bank’s location.

What are the central government office holidays in Chandigarh?

Central government offices in Chandigarh have holidays on national occasions, such as Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti, as well as regional holidays and festivals.

When are the post office holidays in Chandigarh?

Post offices in Chandigarh follow the national holiday calendar and may also have regional holidays and festivals.

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