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Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Upcoming Holidays: 1.5.2023 May Day | Buddha Purnima 5.5.2023 | Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore 9.5.2023 | State Day 16.5.2023 | Maharana Pratap Jayanti 22.5.2023

Maasi Madham Tamil Calendar 2024

Maasi Month 2024

Magha or Masi is a significant and auspicious month in the Hindu calendar, falling as the eleventh month of the lunar-based calendar. This month corresponds to January/February in the Gregorian calendar, marking the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. In India’s national civil calendar, Magha is also recognized as the eleventh month of the year, and is celebrated with great fervor across the country. People often take part in religious and cultural activities during this time, including holy bathing, offering prayers to deities, and charity work. The month of Magha holds immense significance in Hindu mythology, as it is believed to be the month when the gods and goddesses took a human form on earth.

Tamil Calendar Maasi 2024

The month is named Magha in the traditional Hindu calendar because during this time, the full moon is typically located near or within the magnificent star cluster known as Magha. This calendar follows the lunar cycle, and the significance of this cluster dates back centuries as it was believed to symbolize wealth, power, and authority. Magha, a lunar month in the Hindu calendar, doesn’t have fixed start and end dates every year, unlike the months in the Hindu solar calendars. The variation in the lunar cycle causes the dates of Magha to shift annually, and it usually falls between January and February in the Gregorian calendar.

Magha is a month that falls in the winter season (Shishir Ritu). This lunar month overlaps with the solar month of Makara, which marks the beginning of the zodiac sign Capricorn. During this time, the weather is generally cold and crisp, and people often huddle around warm fires to stay cozy. The month of Magha is also significant in many cultures and religions, with festivals and celebrations that mark the passage of time and honor the changing of the seasons.

Maasi Month Calendar 2024

Calendar Hindu Tamil Calendar
Month Number 11
Number of days 30
Tamil Month Maasi
English Month February and March
Year 2024
Significant Days Vasantha Panchami

Festivals in Maasi Month 2024

The Masi month is known for its vibrant and joyous festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm by people across North India. One of the most significant festivals of this month is Vasant Panchami, which falls on the fifth day of the waxing phase of the moon. Another popular festival is Ratha Saptami, which takes place on the seventh day of the waxing phase of the moon. Additionally, the Maagh Mela is an important festival celebrated in many parts of North India.

However, the most well-known festival of the Masi month is undoubtedly the “Maha Maham” festival. This grand celebration takes place every 12 years during the full moon day of this auspicious month. People from all walks of life come together to partake in this extravaganza, which is a sight to behold.

Apart from these festivities, Makar Sankranti is another festival that is celebrated with great fervour in many parts of North India. Finally, Bhishma Ashtami, also known as Shukla Ashtami, is observed as the day on which Bhishma, son of Ganga, was born.

Maasi Month Tamil Calendar 2024

திங்கள் செவ்வாய் புதன் வியாழன் வெள்ளி சனி ஞாயிறு
  01/13 02/14 03/15 04/16 05/17 06/18
07/19 08/20 09/21 10/22 11/23 12/24 13/25
14/26 15/27 16/28 17/29 18/01 19/02 20/03
21/04 22/05 23/06 24/07 25/08 26/09 27/10
28/11 29/12 30/13        

Significance of Maasi Month 2024

The commemoration takes place on a specific date during the Masi month, precisely when the full moon is in line with the Magha star (Nakshatra). This day is highly esteemed due to its powerful full moon, which happens only once a year. Typically, the Magham star coincides with the full moon in Masi month. This particular full moon is the most potent of all in the entire year. The Magha star, which is known to be the birth star of royals, aligns with the moon on this day, making it an ideal period for spiritual cleansing.

Important Date in Maasi Masam Sobhakritu 2024

Here are some significant dates to keep in mind for Maasi Masam Sobhakritu in 2024. Tuesday, February 13th is Chaturthi Vratham, Kumbha Sankranti, Vishnupathi Punyakalam, and Ganesh Jayanti. On Wednesday, February 14th, Sabarimala Nada Thurappu, Valentine’s Day, and Vasantha Panchami will take place. Thursday, February 15th is Shashti Vratham, followed by Karthikai Vratham, Ratha Saptami, and Bheshma Ashtami on Friday, February 16th. Tuesday, February 20th is Ekadashi, followed by Pradosham on Wednesday, February 21st.

On Saturday, February 24th, Masi Magam, Pournami, and Pournami Viratam will be observed, culminating in Sankatahara Chaturthi and National Science Day on Wednesday, February 28th. On Friday, March 8th, Maha Shivaratri, International Women’s Day, Thiruvona Vratham, Masa Shivaratri, and Pradosham will all be celebrated.

The month will conclude with Amavasai on Sunday, March 10th, followed by Chandra Darshan, Sri Somavara Vratam, and the start of Ramadan Fasting on Monday, March 11th. Finally, Wednesday, March 13th will mark Chaturthi Vratham.

All Tamil Month Calendar 2023-24

Chithirai Vaikasi
Aani Aadi
Aavani Purataasi
Aippasi Karthigai
Marghali Thai
Maasi Panguni

What is Masi Tamil Month 2024?

Masi Tamil Month 2024 is one of the most significant and auspicious months in the Hindu calendar.

When does Masi Tamil Month 2024 occur?

The eleventh month of the lunar-based calendar, or January/February in the Gregorian calendar, is Masi Tamil Month 2023.

What does Masi Tamil Month 2023 signify?

Spring begins with Masi Tamil Month 2023. In Hindu mythology, the gods and goddesses became humans in this month.

What are some religious and cultural activities related to Masi Tamil Month 2023?

People often take part in holy bathing, offering prayers to deities, and charity work during Masi Tamil Month 2023.

Why is the month named Magha?

The month of Magha is named after the magnificent star cluster known as Magha, which is typically located near or within the full moon during this time.

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