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Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
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Saptami | 28 March 2023 Saturday Holiday Date Calendar

What is Saptami in Tamil Calendar?

It is best to avoid making any important business or emotional choices during this time. Most of the rituals and ceremonies are postponed during Saptami as well, which can often cause conflicts in large family gatherings. As a result, festivities may have to be rescheduled at a later day or time when luck is more favorable towards such ventures.

The Moon presence in this phase also makes carrying out beneficial activities difficult since it usually decreases one’s ability to concentrate properly on the task at hand. However, these restrictions do not necessarily apply if an individual chooses to risk potential harm on their journey towards success, in spite of knowing that their chances might go sour due to bad omens present according to astrological calculations.

How do we celebrate Saptami in India?

As per customary practice, followers of Lord Surya demonstrate their reverence by presenting water to the god from a Kalash, while simultaneously performing the Namaskar Mudra and offering prayers. To augment their devotion, a Diya is ignited with pure ghee, and Kapoor is utilized, in addition to agarbatti and vibrant red flowers as offerings.

What is the Meaning of Saptami?

On the occasion of Ratha Saptami, the deity Vishnu is commonly worshipped in his form as Surya. Many households start the day with a purifying bath using bilva leaves and chanting a verse to invite the blessings of the deity throughout the year. The celebration also includes a puja with offerings such as flowers, fruits, and ‘Naivedyam’ ritual. During Navaratri, the Kalaratri Puja occurs on the seventh day. Also, Jalaram Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Jalaram Bapa on Saptami Shukla paksha of Kartika.

What is the importance of Saptami?

As indicated by the Hindu calendar, Saptami is the seventh day and falls under both Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. It occurs twice every month and holds a particular importance in Hinduism. Some notable Rathas celebrated on Saptami Tithi include Saptami or Surya Jayanti, Sheetala Saptami, Ganga Saptami, and Kamada Saptami. On this day, devotees pay their respects to the Sun God through worship.

28 March 2023 Tuesday Date & Panchang Calendar

Date 28 March 2023
Day Tuesday
Panguni 14
Ramadan 5
Tithi Saptami till 10.12 PM then Ashtami
Natchathiram Mirugaseeridam till 8.24 PM then Thiruvathirai
Nalla Neram (AM) 7.30 to 8.30
Nalla Neram (PM) 4.30 to 5.30
Chandrashtama Visakam, Anusham
Auspicious Day
Rahu Kalam 3.00 to 4.30
Kuligai 12.00 to 1.30
Yamagandam 9.00 to 10.30
Soolam North Direction
Pariharam Milk
Yogam Siddha Yogam, Marana Yogam
Chandra Horai 5-6 AM
Sukra Horai 8-9 AM & 10-11 PM
Pudhan Horai 11-12 PM
Guru Horai (5-6 AM) & (12-1, 7-8 PM)
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28th March 2023 Day | Mar 28, 2021 Day | 28 Mar 2023 Day | 28 March 2023 Date Calendar | 28 March 2023 Daily Sheet Calendar | 28 March 2023 Tamil Calendar | 28.3.2023 Tamil Panchangam

28th March 2023 Tuesday Calendar

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Which God was born on Saptami?

The observance of Bhanu Saptami occurs in the Hindu faith on the seventh day (Saptami) during the waxing phase of the moon within the month of Magha (January-February). This festival is also referred to as Vivasvat Saptami or Surya Jayanti, which signifies the birth anniversary of the Sun God, Surya.

Who is the god of Saptami?

The symbolic representation of Ratha Saptami involves the movement of the Sun God Surya’s Chariot drawn by seven horses, with Aruṇa as the charioteer, towards the northern hemisphere in a north-easterly direction.

Which is auspicious Saptami or Ashtami?

The triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura is symbolized by this event. Ashtami, the eighth day of Durga Puja, is considered the most propitious day.

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