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Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Central Govt Gazetted, Restricted and National Holidays 2023 PDF
Upcoming Holidays: 1.5.2023 May Day | Buddha Purnima 5.5.2023 | Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore 9.5.2023 | State Day 16.5.2023 | Maharana Pratap Jayanti 22.5.2023

RBI Bank Holiday List 2023 | State-Wise RBI Bank Holidays 2023

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Bank Calendar Holiday List 2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently released its Bank Calendar Holiday List for the year 2023. Being the central banking institution of India, RBI plays a crucial role in managing the country’s monetary policy. As part of its duties, RBI has identified specific days as bank holidays in India. This article aims to delve into the RBI Bank Holidays in India, highlighting the reasons for their declaration and their impact on the economy.

State-Wise RBI Holiday List 2023

The list of RBI Holidays for the year 2023 has been published and varies from state to state. These holidays are declared to commemorate significant national and religious festivals, important anniversaries, and to provide a break from the regular work schedule. The purpose of declaring bank holidays by the RBI is to ensure the safety and security of all banking operations. For instance, on occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, the RBI has declared bank holidays to guarantee the safe and secure conduct of all banking operations.

Regional Holidays in RBI Search Box

The Reserve Bank of India offers a powerful search tool, allowing users to locate holidays of various types, including those of regional significance. This tool features a search box that enables users to easily access a month-wise holiday list for the year 2023 with just a few clicks. Additionally, users have the option to select a specific region and month for any given year.

The RBI Search Box provides access to a comprehensive list of regional holidays for the year 2022, segregated by region. The holidays are categorized into three segments, namely: holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act, holidays under both the Negotiable Instruments Act and Real Time Gross Settlement, and days when banks will be closing their accounts.

RBI Bank Holidays in January 2023

Festival or Occasion Date
New Year’s Celebration 2.1.2023 (Monday)
Imoinu Iratpa 3.1.2023 (Tuesday)
Gaan-Ngai 4.1.2023 (Wednesday)
Thiruvalluvar Day 16.1.2023 (Monday)
Uzhavar Thirunal 17.1.2023 (Tuesday)
Republic Day, Saraswati Puja 26.1.2023 (Thursday)

RBI Bank Holidays in February 2023

Holiday Description Day
Lui-Ngai-Ni 15.2.2023 (Sunday)
Mahashivratri (Maha Vad-14), Sivarathri 18.2.2023 (Saturday)
State Day 20.2.2023 (Monday)
Losar 21.2.2023 (Tuesday)

Bank Holidays in March 2023

Holiday Description Day
Chapchar Kut 3.3.2023 (Friday)
Holi, Holi (Second Day), Holika Dahan, Dhulandi, Dol Jatra 7.3.2023 (Tuesday)
Holi, Holi 2nd Day – Dhuleti, Yaosang 2nd Day 8.3.2023 (Wednesday)
Holi 9.3.2023 (Thursday)
Gudi Padwa, Ugadi Festival, Bihar Divas, Telugu New Year’s Day 22.3.2023 (Wednesday)
Shree Ram Navami (Chaite Dashain) 30.3.2023 (Thursday)

RBI Bank Holidays in April 2023

Holiday Description Day
To enable Banks to close their yearly accounts 1.4.2023 (Saturday)
Mahaveera Jayanthi 3.4.2023 (Monday)
Mahavir Jayanti 4.4.2023 (Tuesday)
Babu Jagjivan Ram’s Birthday 5.4.2023 (Wednesday)
Good Friday 7.4.2023 (Friday)
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti, Bohag Bihu, Tamil New Year’s Day, Maha Bisubha Sankranti 14.4.2023 (Friday)
Vishu, Bohag Bihu, Himachal Day, Bengali New Year’s Day 15.4.2023 (Saturday)
Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Eid), Garia Puja 21.4.2023 (Friday)
Ramzan Eid (Eid-Ul-Fitr) 22.4.2023 (Saturday)

RBI Bank Holidays in May 2023

Holiday Description Day
Maharashtra Day, May Day 1.5.2023 (Monday)
Buddha Purnima 5.5.2023 (Friday)
State Day 16.5.2023 (Tuesday)
Maharana Pratap Jayanti 22.5.2023 (Monday)

RBI Bank Holidays in June 2023

Holiday Description Day
Y.M.A. Day, Raja Sankranti 15.6.2023 (Thursday)
Kang (Rathajatra), Ratha Yatra 20.6.2023 (Tuesday)
Kharchi Puja 26.6.2023 (Monday)
Bakri Eid (Eid-Ul-Zuha) 28.6.2023 (Wednesday)
Bakri Eid (Eid-Ul-Adha) 29.6.2023 (Thursday)
Remna Ni, Id-Ul-Zuha 30.6.2023 (Friday)

RBI Bank Holidays in July 2023

Holiday Description Day
MHIP Day 6.7.2023 (Thursday)
Ker Puja 11.7.2023 (Tuesday)
Bhanu Jayanti 13.7.2023 (Thursday)
U Tirot Sing Day 17.7.2023 (Monday)
Drukpa Tshe-zi 21.7.2023 (Friday)
Muharram (Tajiya) 29.7.2023 (Saturday)

RBI Bank Holidays in August 2023

Holiday Description Day
Tendong Lho Rum Faat 8.8.2023 (Tuesday)
Independence Day 15.8.2023 (Tuesday)
Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi) 16.8.2023 (Wednesday)
Tithi of Srimanta Sankardeva 18.8.2023 (Friday)
First Onam 28.8.2023 (Monday)
Thiruvonam 29.8.2023 (Tuesday)
Raksha Bandhan 30.8.2023 (Wednesday)
Raksha Bandhan, Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi, Pang-Lhabsol 31.8.2023 (Thursday)

RBI Bank Holidays in September 2023

Holiday Description Day
Sri Krishna Janmashtami 6.9.2023 (Wednesday)
Janmashtami (Shravan Vad-8), Sri Krishna Ashtami 7.9.2023 (Thursday)
Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrata, Vinayaka Chathurthi 18.9.2023 (Monday)
Ganesh Chaturthi, Samvatsari (Chaturthi Paksha) 19.9.2023 (Tuesday)
Ganesh Chaturthi (2nd day), Nuakhai 20.9.2023 (Wednesday)
Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi Day 22.9.2023 (Friday)
Janmotsav of Srimanta Sankardeva 25.9.2023 (Monday)
Milad-i-Sherif (Birthday of Prophet Muhammed) 27.9.2023 (Wednesday)
Eid-E-Milad, Eid-e-Meeladunnabi – (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday) (Bara Vafat) 28.9.2023 (Thursday)
Indrajatra 29.9.2023 (Friday)

RBI Bank Holidays in October 2023

Holiday Description Day
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2.10.2022 (Monday)
Kati Bihu 18.10.2022 (Wednesday)
Durga Puja 21.10.2022 (Saturday)
Dusshera (Mahanavami), Ayudha Pooja, Durga Puja, Vijaya Dasami 23.10.2022 (Monday)
Dussehra, Dusshera (Vijaya Dashmi), Durga Puja 24.10.2022 (Tuesday)
Durga Puja (Dasain) 25.10.2022 (Wednesday)
Durga Puja (Dasain) 26.10.2022 (Thursday)
Durga Puja (Dasain) 27.10.2022 (Friday)
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Birthday 31.10.2022 (Tuesday)

RBI Bank Holidays in November 2023

Holiday Description Day
Kannada Rajyothsava, Kut, Karva Chauth 1.11.2022 (Wednesday)
Wangala Festival 10.11.2022 (Friday)
Govardhan Pooja, Laxmi Puja (Deepawali) 13.11.2022 (Monday)
Diwali (Bali Pratipada), Deepavali, Vikram Samvant New Year Day, Laxmi Puja 14.11.2022 (Tuesday)
Bhaidooj, Chitragupt Jayanti, Laxmi Puja (Deepawali), Ningol Chakkouba 15.11.2022 (Wednesday)
Chhath (Morning Arghya) 20.11.2022 (Monday)
Seng Kutsnem 23.11.2022 (Thursday)
Guru Nanak Jayanti, Karthika Purnima, Rahas Purnima 27.11.2022 (Monday)
Kanakadasa Jayanthi 30.11.2022 (Thursday)

RBI Bank Holidays in December 2023

Holiday Description Day
Feast of St. Francis Xavier 4.12.2023 (Monday)
Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma 12.12.2023 (Tuesday)
Losoong, Namsoong 13.12.2023 (Wednesday)
Losoong, Namsoong 14.12.2023 (Thursday)
Death Anniversary of U SoSo Tham 18.12.2023 (Monday)
Goa Liberation Day 19.12.2023 (Tuesday)
Christmas 25.12.2023 (Monday)
Christmas Celebration 26.12.2023 (Tuesday)
U Kiang Nangbah 30.12.2023 (Saturday)

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